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From Vaasa Vocational Institute to the world!

Education at Vaasa Vocational Institute is given in three languages (Finnish, Swedish and English) and in three different fields of study. These three sectors are: Technology, Business and Communication, Care and Service Education. There are 16 Vocational Qualifications, 34 Study Programs and 20 Qualification Titles.
A total of 2000 students are situated in our three different school buildings.
Why is internationality so important to our Institute?

The society and industry and commerce are getting more internationalized and they have an influence on the work, people's daily life and culture. The purpose of international education is to secure students the kind of professional skills and facilities that they will manage in a multicultural environment and will be employed. International experiences improve language skills, flexibility, problem solving abilities and tolerance - all those qualities that are important in today's employment market.
How do we put internationality into practice?

Vaasa Vocational Institute, in its many sectors, offers good possibilities for students' international studies. With networking the institute has excellent international connections to working life and other institutes. Especially co-operation within the Nordic countries has been active. We have several co-operative schools and places for practical training in England, Spain and Germany. We have partners also in Holland, France, Egypt, Greece and as far as in China.
We are constantly developing connections based on information technology to our foreign partners. For all those who are interested in international studies we try to arrange a possibility for them. The student is supported to independently arrange exchange possibilities or he/she can use the contacts the institute already has. International studies are usually about practical training or theoretical studies abroad.
What other ways can internationality be noticed in our Institute?

The foreign students visiting our Institute are placed in working life or they take some theoretical study courses. They will also attend actively in the lessons of different groups and bring information from their own country and culture. We also carry out international exchange for teachers. In 1993 we started Vocational Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services in English.  Most of the students are foreigners. Also the students in immigrant preparatory training add internationality to our Institute and co-operation with these groups has been very popular.